Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas

Oyster stew is a favorite in our family. My husband is from Maine, and my daughter and I lived on the Oregon coast for many years, so we all love oysters and seafood. I like to make oyster stew for many special occasions, but it’s a special tradition on Christmas Eve, as it’s not just a delicious soup, but also a warming comfort food and a light supper to contrast for the decadent dinner and treats of Christmas day. Additionally, Food Intolerance Test provides evidence that there are tons of people that can not tolerate seafood. This is why before you start the preparation of the food for your family members or your guest you should ask them about their allergies. 

Make sure that your oysters are fresh and that you have plenty of them. For every person, you should have at least 6 oysters for the stew. This recipe serves about 4-6 people. You can make it a vegetarian soup by leaving out the bacon, use pancetta for a different flavor, or a lean ham or turkey ham for something lighter. I always use lower-fat dairy products and I guarantee that the flavor will be as decadent and delicious as those with full-fat. Give it a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

First fry about 6 strips of lean bacon in a stock/soup pot. After they’re nicely browned, drain them on paper towels. Drain most of the fat off (leave a teaspoon or so for flavor) and add about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Sauté a whole sweet, diced onion, 4 stalks of diced celery, and 3-5 cloves of minced garlic. Don’t forget to chop and add the delicious celery leaves, as they add a nice flavor. Stir and sauté until translucent and lightly browned. Dice the bacon and add it at this point. Add a dash of sea salt and freshly ground pepper, and when the vegetables begin to stick to the pan add about ½ cup of dry white wine. After it cooks down to about ¼ cup in approximately 5-10 minutes, whisk in 2 tablespoons of flour. Stir the flour for a minute, then slowly add and whisk in 3 cups of low-fat milk and ½ cup of fat-free half and half, or one can of fat-free evaporated milk. Stir in about 2 dozen oysters and let simmer for about 5-10 minutes. It will not be thick like clam chowder – oyster stew is thinner and lighter.

Before serving add in ¼ cup finely minced Italian parsley and 2 tablespoons of light butter. Serve this oyster stew with a fresh green salad lightly dressed and topped with your favorite vegetables and shavings of Parmesan or goat cheese, and slices of toasted whole-grain garlic butter bread.

I hope that you enjoy this oyster stew as much as our family does, and remember that you can always personalize it to your own taste. You can add fresh chopped herbs or a few plump, juicy shrimps – or you can also add some sherry instead of white wine to deglaze the pan. No matter what you do, have fun with the recipe and enjoy your Christmas Eve dinner with your family and friends. Merry Christmas!

Fortnite- The Game Of The Decade

There are certain things that never get old and are evergreen, which means that they can be enjoyed and appreciated by people of all age groups. Childhood is the best phase of life and there are many things that make it so. 

The time period where there is no tension or stress in life and all you have to do is to play, eat, sleep and repeat, which continues until you get older. Apart from the regular game of ludo and snake & ladders, video games are important things that can never be forgotten as they form an irreplaceable part of childhood. 

One of them is fortnite, which I am sure everyone must have played atleast once in their childhood and many of you must be having some unforgettable memories associated with it. 


Fortnite was founded by Epic Games and first came out in the year 2017 and has three different versions according to the level and game play engine. The modes are as follows: 

  1. Fortnite: Save the world 
  2. Fortnite: Battle Royale 
  3. Fornite: Creative 

Each of the three phases represent three different variations of the game where the players have to get rid of important structures with the help of a pickaxe and collect important materials like wood, metal, brick, leaves, etc. and store it in the fortnite account.


It quickly became a success as many youngsters took to it like fish to water and its innovative levels and cheat codes helped in achieving team mates and moral support from two different modes such as Save the world and Battle royale. 

It is an excellent game that tests the creativity of players and how sharp they are in tackling the challenges that come their way, which has led it to become the game of the decade in just 3 years of its launch. 

Your Expert Guide To Dominate GTA 5

Are you a new player to the GTA 5 world and looking for ways to master the game like a boss? Well, that’s great as Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular multi-player action games today that promises hours of fun. One of the coolest part is, you can enjoy the game easily with your gang of gamer buddies. You will be glad to know the post below offers a brief on the expert tips that will help you to dominate GTA 5.

Start with a proper plan

You certainly don’t want to end up with nothing after 4 long hours of gaming. Well, if you don’t proceed with a strategic plan, chances are high that you will blow up. To avoid futile experiences, you should always proceed with a plan where you will have clear idea about your goals in the game and how to reach them. Whether you are going for a heist or a race, a well-defined plan is crucial for everything.

Be strategic with purchases

You should know how to invest the money properly to ensure result-driven outcomes. Focus on buying stuff that might reap rewards even they apparently seem to be costly. For example, Motorcycle Club or vehicle warehouse is costly. But, don’t forget they can provide additional income opportunities.

Check out GTA 5 mods

GTA 5 mods are a great way to modify the game in your favor. You will find them easily online today but one must check the playing console compatibility while downloading the mods. For example, it is difficult to get gta 5 mod menu xbox one. So, in this case, you will have to get the mods on Xbox 360 and then load GTA 5 on that. After that you will sign in as well as rank up all. 

Focus on heists

Try to go for heists as much as possible. Heists involve elaborate prep work yet also promise excellent payouts. 

Why Bigger Isn’t Better when it Comes to Muscle Building?

There’s no doubt that you can build a large, impressive set of muscles using traditional weight training and power lifting techniques. Guys, (and girls) have used these methods to gain inches and girth that have emphasized their large forms and training prowess. The question that is left at the end of the day is whether this kind of muscle building is a good thing or not, and just what do they hope to gain with it?

If you are into building muscle for its own sake, to see just how large a set of pecs or biceps you can get, then there’s your rationale. That goal is it’s own end. What you do with it once you’ve accomplished this is another matter, and if you can maintain this type of shape for the rest of your life then good for you.

If you’re trying to get as strong as you can, then you may want to rethink the above type of training method. Doing traditional bodybuilding and power lifting will get you bulked up, but it won’t deliver the overall core strength, flexibility and versatility that you may want if you’re looking to maintain an overall strength program. This is better accomplished through a combination of methods, which include weights, but also other disciplines as well. Some of these include workouts like isometrics and other weight bearing exercises that can help you improve your range of motion as well as giving you greater core strength. Taking supplements can also help you to have the right size and mass of muscles. Testogen is a testosterone booster that can be a good supplement to take when building your muscle.

If your goal is to try and develop a classically shaped physique, one that sports broad shoulders tapering down to a slim waist, with a strong chest and midsection in between, then you need to adopt a more varied plan that will combine several different methods of physical training, as well as a sane and deliberate fat loss plan to help you get to this kind of frame. The only workout routine I know of that does this kind of combination is one called the Adonis Index workouts. The Adonis Index strives to not only deliver up exercises that will help you build that classic “V” shape, but to combine this with an eating plan designed to help you lose the excess fat that may be hindering you from getting anywhere near this kind of frame. You might even have one piece of the puzzle such as a great set of well-developed shoulders, but combining that with a big belly will not get you anything you’re after.

It’s clear that building muscle for the sake of building muscle has limited appeal and little profit for its own sake. Attempting to become as big as possible will neither get you the overall strength you want, nor deliver any of the other ancillary benefits that working out can bring. If you want the whole package, take the time to look into a workout that can deliver them, like The Adonis Index workout.

Men, want to learn more about how to get that classic V shape that women find so attractive? The Adonis Effect by John Barban can get you there.

Bride Wars: The Movie that Will Set Feminism Back an Entire Generation

“Bride Wars”: the title pretty much says it all. In this “comedy”, two lifelong best friends, portrayed by Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, become engaged, book their wedding reception at their dream location – New York’s Plaza Hotel – and find out as the date draws near that a computer error booked both events on the same date. One will have to cancel their date, and give up the wedding they’ve longed for since childhood – but who?

Who cares? There are so many movies of the same genre that I have seen across platforms like il genio dello streaming. 

Let’s be brutally realistic. The global economy is still in a downward spiral. Americans are losing their homes at an alarming daily rate. Thanks to shysters like Bernie Madden, good folks – really, really good folks, including some of the country’s most dedicated charities and non-profits – have lots millions and billions of dollars. The auto industry wants a buy out (is that hand out?) like the banking industry received; is there another industry next in line? (As of January 14, 2008, a Congressional oversight committee had given permission for the CEO’s of banks partaking of the bailout money we’re paying to continue use of their corporate jet planes.) Food prices continue to climb as the job market continues to fall. Wall Street is akin to a brute battleground each and every day.

Yet, the film industry thinks that we would shell out what little hard-earned money that we have left to watch Hathaway and Hudson engage in catfights and hair-pulling because one of them would have to move the date of her wedding in the gauzy piece of fiction known as the movie “Bride Wars”.

Unless this project has been sitting on the shelf for so long that it was ‘do or die’ time for production, I really can’t fathom why a film maker would think this to be appealing. “Sex and the City” was a horrendous, overly long, boorish film that was so out of touch with reality, I have yet to encounter a woman – any woman – who sat through it and actually enjoyed the movie. If chipper little Carrie Bradshaw’s biggest dream was to have a clothes closet the size of most folks’ homes, who am I to judge? Having been roped into seeing it with my oldest daughter (I’ll do pretty much anything that my oldest daughter wants to do, so long as it’s time spent together), I won’t be renting SATC anytime soon. Ever.

The same people – women and men – who rushed out to see “Sex” will most likely be the first to buy tickets for “Bride Wars”. They’ll be there perhaps for the fashion (Vera Wang, anyone? Anyone?); they’ll be there to watch Hathaway and Hudson in a grown-up version of “Mean Girls”. From her touching, wonderful, Oscar-worthy performance in “Rachel Getting Married”, it’s puzzling why Hathaway would take her career back an extra step (or two, or five) by taking part in “Bride Wars”. I am honestly puzzled why anyone would waste their valuable time and money to see two adult women behaving so badly. Is it the physical comedy? It’s funny to watch one woman push another down the aisle on her wedding day? To listen to the bitchiness of genuinely nasty name-calling? Isn’t bullying an alarmingly serious problem in our schools today, so much so that children at the third-grade level are being taught the immorality of being a bully? In short, that’s what these two rich, spoiled young women are: bullies. Bullies with foul mouths, short tempers, a vicious, scheming mindset to do whatever is necessary to get exactly what they want at the expense of others – even your lifelong best friend.

What a pathetic portrayal of the young women of America. Yes, I know it’s a comedy, or at least, marketed as one. In times as tough as we find ourselves now, we can all use a really good, deep laugh – but not at the expense of another person, and not to further a stereotype that I’d hoped had gone away for good.

Real women don’t behave like these characters, we hope. By portraying American women in this movie as shallow, vindictive, petty, mean-spirited, and materialistic, we do no favor to the younger generation of women. These characters should not be perceived as role models. They have, in the end, nothing of any value to offer in terms of common sense, true friendship and the way we’d like to see our daughters grow up. These characters are both silly and stupid, and I’m torn between which is the worse vice.

Don’t waste your money on “Bride Wars”. Donate the money that you would have spent on this featherweight to a shelter for abused and homeless women instead.

Guide in Releasing an Employee when you’re in a Recruitment Agency

As a recruiter, your main job is to find a candidate that will be a good match for the client, and that the client be happy with that candidate until the end of the assignment or that they will hire them on as their employee. Practically your main job is to keep the client happy so that repeat business will occur. That goes both in a local recruitment agency or a บริษัทนำเข้าแรงงานต่างด้าว today. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. As a recruiter, this is one of the parts, I dislike the most; but the client hired your agency too even to do the “dirty” work. The client may or may not give you any warnings; some clients may want you to talk to the candidate about maybe their tardiness or sloppy attire, and if they do not see any improvements they will ask you to release them, in these cases if the candidate does not improve you already have an idea of the future of the candidate with the client. 

Make sure to call the candidate after hours (at the end of their working day) as not to cause awkwardness between the client and the candidate, unless the client asks you otherwise. 

Since most often this will be done over the phone, it may be harder to prepare to give the bad news and to foresee the reaction that you will receive. There will definitely be a reaction. The person may be completely surprised and oblivious by this and will ask what the cause of the assignment ending was, sometimes the person will attack you, but it is essential to remain calm and explain to them the situation. 

If for example the candidate had a hard time getting to work on time everyday and they were advised on it, you can tell them. While talking to them, make sure you are nice but firm. 

Ask them if they have left any of their personal belongings at the clients site, and if so that you will take care of it. The same goes if they have keys or badges, tell them that you will get them from them once they come to the office. 

Another important thing to remember is to tell the candidate that it is imperative that they do not call the client; this will only be cause of awkwardness for the client since they hired a staffing agency to do also this kind of work. The temporary candidate is an employee of the said staffing agency and as a recruiter you will also have to judge the situation objectively and decide if or not to use the candidate again for other temporary jobs or even consider them for direct hires. 

There are certain questions that you will have to ask yourself? 

Did he/she act really unprofessional to make me and my company look bad? 

Were the situation of the release unrelated to her/his behavior? 

Was their release caused by the clients’ financial situation? 

Would I want to risk placing this candidate with a new client? 

These questions may also help you when submitting candidates to clients.

A Guide To Soccer Clubs On Long Island

If your son or daughter is a youth soccer player then you may be trying to get them on the best youth soccer team that you can. Being on one of the best youth soccer teams in the country is extremely important if you want your son or daughter to develop. There are many different soccer clubs on Long Island to choose from because of the fact that soccer is extremely popular on Long Island. This guide to soccer clubs on Long Island will give you the information that you need to know when it comes to deciding on which youth soccer club your child is going to join. 

Long Island Youth Soccer Club #1- Albertson SC 

To tell the truth, there is no better place than Long Island to have a soccer club with beaches and palm trees adding up to make up a magnificent scenery and while it may seem an odd destination as it concerns soccer, the experience is quite entertaining and has to be seen to be believed. Also, Beckham too met up with Al-Khelaifi only last week for an excellent match, the link for which is  


Albertson Soccer Club is one of the largest youth soccer clubs on Long Island having over one hundred teams combined between the girls and boys side. There are approximately fifty girls team and fifty boys teams in the entire club. Albertson soccer club is most well known for helping their players go to some of the best colleges in the country. There are many different teams within each age group so there will be a team for your child no matter what skill level he or she has. Another plus to joining Albertson is that they are affiliated with the US Soccer Federation as well as the US Soccer Development Academy League. If you want to find out more about Albertson soccer club then you can check out the Official Website of Albertson Soccer Club. 

Long Island Youth Soccer Club #2- HBC Soccer Club 

HBC Soccer Club or Huntington Boy’s Club is based out of the Town of Huntington and is one of the larger clubs in the Huntington area. The only bad part about joining the HBC Soccer Club is that they are not affiliated with the US Soccer Federation or the US Soccer Development Academy League. However, HBC Soccer Club do have one of the best pre-travel programs on Long Island. Another great part about joining HBC Soccer Club is that they have their own grass soccer park which goes by the name of HBC Soccer Park. This club is more suitable for younger player that are under the age of ten just because of the fact that they have the best pre-travel program on Long Island. To find out more information about HBC Soccer Club simply go to the Official Website of HBC Soccer. 


Long Island Youth Soccer Club #3- Northport Soccer Club 

Northport Soccer Club is another large soccer club in the Huntington area. Similar to HBC, the Northport Soccer club is not affiliated with the US Soccer Federation or with the US Soccer Development Academy. However, Northport Soccer Club does have a great pre-travel and intramural program for young kids. If you have a child that is under the age of eight then you may want to consider signing them up for Northport Soccer Club. To find out more information about Northport Soccer Club simply go to the Official Website of Northport Soccer. 

A Guide to Modern Films from Ireland

I have long had an interest in Irish films. There is something fun in the lyrical way they speak, and the movies often hit the perfect note. Here are a few of my suggestions for Irish films, and what makes them unique from the movies produced in Hollywood. You can catch the office season 1 of TV shows based on the same themes and plot as you click on the link. This way you get the best movie and TV show experience for your whole family. 

Waking Ned Divine: This is the standard by which all Irish movies should be judged. In fact, it is the standard for any comedy. In the film, village bands together to get the lottery money, even though the ticket holder died. Their trickery is hilarious, and the cast really works well together. The thing that makes this movie stand out is that there is an inspirational message, and it is neither heavy-handed nor flippant. They simply let the message of community stand on its own, without moralizing about it.

Greenfingers: This movie is not an Irish film per se, but it does have David Kelly, an exceptional Irish actor. Greenfingers is relatively unknown, especially considering it stars Clive Owen. He plays a prisoner who leads a team of prison gardeners to the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The story is based on a true story, and it could have easily fallen flat. But Clive Owen provides a lot of depth for the character. This movie is a bit romanticized at times, but all good Irish movies have a bit of that.

Some Mother’s Son: This film is a drama based on the men associated with Bobby Sands and the IRA. The soundtrack is excellent, and Aiden Gillen is excellent. The scenes where the men are communicating with each other in prison are excellent, and Helen Mirren is superb as a mother who loves her son but does not approve of his actions. Sadly, these movies fails in the end. It tries to give both sides of an argument and ultimately does not actually say anything.

Saving Grace: Saving Grace is about a woman that begins growing pot after her husband commits suicide. Sadly, this is one comedy that does not work. While there are humorous parts, it feels contrived. The ending is abysmal. They wrap up the story far too quickly and do so with the ultimate in “happy” endings. It was watchable, but it was not rewatchable.

The Matchmaker: This is barely an Irish movie. While it is mostly set in Ireland, the overall plot deals with a U.S. Senator that wants to court the Irish-American vote. So, he sends a campaigner to Ireland to discover his family roots. The cast also has two Americans, Janeane Garofalo, and Denis Leary, with Garofalo playing the campaigner who lands in the middle of a matchmaking festival. This movie has some charm but cannot match Waking Ned Divine for sheer cuteness.

All of these movies are worth watching, and some are worth owning. Irish movies tend to feature some of the most beautiful scenery, and their characters are richly developed. Check these films out for good, lighthearted entertainment.

Knowing A Topic That Appeals To A Large Audience Could Make You an Online Success

If you happen to know a niche market that appeals to a large audience of people, then you might want to consider setting up a private online community. This private site could include services such as:

  • A place where members can gather resources on a specific niche as well as articles.
  • A personal forum or chat area where members could speak on topics to gather further insight into the market
  • links to other relevant and informative sites that provide additional information
  • tools

  • most recent news on the market with account based marketing is an effective way that you can use for identifying your target audience. After identifying your target audience for your product you can start with your marketing strategy accordingly.

This list can include anything that might be of interest to your target audience.

Let’s say for example you create a website for police officers and charge a yearly fee of $59.95 to gain access to the online community where they can chat with like-minded police officers from around the nation, share important police tips, and exchange information. Of course, this site could provide much more as this is up to your discretion and to your target audience.

You could also have the leaders and organizations provide advice to your members or have them write an exclusive column in your forum in exchange for let’s say advertising. With this new group of people, you could even e-mail your members the occasional special product or service offer that relates directly to their needs or special interests.

Depending on your specific niche, you might even include a store where members can purchase products such as books, tools, and other resources specific to the market. As with all things that are worth having, setting up a membership forum can be quite labor intensive however the multi-angle approach to your potential income stream is enormous and well worth the work.

The services provided by having a member’s only site allow you to profit from the information provided over and over again. This means that once the information is then gathered and put together it remains a priceless commodity and the good thing about it is you only had to create it once. You’re also able to satisfy your customer’s needs because once they sign up they are able to obtain the information instantly which allows you to capture customers that are impulsive and change their minds if they don’t get what they want right away.

Whether you are developing your first business online or simply analyzing the existing one, your chief focus should always be on how you’re going to create multiple streams of income. A paid member site provides this perfect opportunity to make successful to profit from:

  • advertising
  • selling your own product or service
  • recommending other products of similar nature
  • paid subscriptions

Setting up a paid subscription site might be a lot of work, but with careful planning and proper niche research, this could be a business that pays off for years to come.

Ghost Rider Is A Fun Ride, But Special Effects Could Use Some Work

Fans of “Ghost Rider” the comic book hate the movie, but for those of us who have never read it, the movie is a fun ride.

I’ll admit it. I’m a comic book fan that doesn’t read a lot of comic books. I read some, usually after they make it to graphic novel status, but the people I went with to see the new “Ghost Rider” movie are die-hard comic fans from way back.

While this may not be the favorite of those who have grown up with the comics and therefore relate to them in cartoon form, it is still a watch if you want a mixture of fun, action and comedy, even if the special effects are a bit cheesy to cater to their tastes. Cyberflix apk has such movies even today due to it being popular with the children, who can relate to both comic book characters and their cinematic versions on the big screen with equal elan and no partiality to either.

And they didn’t hate the movie, but I’m not sure I can say that they liked it either. For me, unfamiliar with Johnny Blaze’s story, I was a little surprised by the romantic comedy feel of the movie and horribly disappointed in some of the special effects, but all in all, I liked it a lot.


To be honest, one of the biggest complaints my comic companions had about the “Ghost Rider” movie was the choice of Nicholas Cage to play Johnny Blaze. And, complain they did. “His hand motions were the same as in “Leaving Las Vegas’,” one of them complained. Another said he just didn’t seem to have the look for the part.

Sure, Nicholas Cage isn’t my favorite actor of all time, but I have enjoyed many of his movies and thought he did a fine job as Johnny Blaze. Then again, I haven’t been envisioning “Ghost Rider” in my head for the last 10 or 15 years.

I do however have a collection of Ghost Rider toys around my house, because my husband is one of the aforementioned comic book companions that I saw the movie with. And, having been familiar with several interpretations of Ghost Rider and his motorcycle, I can say that I was disappointed in the special effects. When Johnny Blaze went all Ghost Rider, I expected the flaming skull to look very cool. It didn’t.

When his motorcycle became Ghost Rider’s machine, I expected death and skulls and a wicked-looking motorcycle. Instead, they erred on the side of too much chrome, and I was left with the feeling that the guys on American Chopper could have made something that looked better for a much more reasonable price than the computer animators did. The chrome skull on the bike looked fake and not in a good comic book way.

My other complaint was with the way the writer’s portrayed Roxanne, Eva Mendes’ character and Johnny Blaze’s love interest. Maybe it was harkening back to yesteryear when women in comics were just not as bright as they could have been, but as a journalist, one scene in the movie really bugged me.


After years apart, Mendes’ character is sent to interview Johnny Blaze. She is portrayed up to that minute, as an accomplished television journalist and she reprises that role later in the movie. But in the scene where she is supposed to interview Blaze, she is caught off-guard and let’s her subject completely control the interview.

It is suppose to show the depth of their commitment to one another. Instead, it makes one character look incompetent at her job. I have never seen a successful television reporter who would allow her subject, ex-boyfriend or not, to ruin her interview.

However, other than the one glitch in the writing, I found the movie to be fun and lot better romantic comedy than most of the romantic comedies out there.
Sam Elliot as the cemetery caretaker and Peter Fonda as the devil himself bring enormous talent to the screen as always. Wesley Cook Bentley is evil incarnate as Blackheart and everything a comic book villain should be.

The bottom line is this is a great movie, unless you are a die-hard comic book fan. Then, I think the comment I heard was, “It wasn’t as bad as ‘The Hulk’ and ‘Daredevil’.”