Must Love Dogs….and Love to Watch Hollywood Formula Movies

It’s Saturday night…girl’s night out….and we want to go to a movie. My sister-in-law , Betsy, and I agree…we have both had hard weeks and we don’t want to use our “noggins” while watching our Saturday night treat. We want to be mindlessly entertained….but perhaps hypocritically we’d rather our intelligence not be insulted as well.

As we pick out which movie theatre we will visit, we easily slip into one of the demographics that make formula movies so easy to write, so easy to be somewhat satisfied with, so destined to neither crash nor soar at the box office. We are married. We are women. It’s either Stealth or Sky High or Must Love Dogs. Which one do you think we chose?

You got it….Betsy and I truck off to Must Love Dogs. Sure the critics “dogged” it…to quote Entertainment Weekly: “This is a movie of fake conflict, fake heart, even fake doggy love.” But yet the Warner Bros Production will make money because of people like me and Betsy.

The movie’s premise is based on a life that perhaps reflects that of many Americans….a middle-aged divorcee considers reentering the dating scene only to find that the rules have changed. Think “You Got Mail” minus the whimsical and touching plot. This time it is internet dating that the movie claims has stormed onto the scene, making grocery store lines and bar stools all but obsolete for romance seekers.

Sarah Hurlihy (played by Diane Lane) falls victim to her sister’s matchmaking schemes and ends up with a profile on an online dating service. Predictably, we watch as Sarah endures a string of bad first dates until (enter angelic harps) she meets a man who despite turning her off on the first date, sweeps her off her feet wth such grandeur on date two that they end their night frantically rushing around town looking for condoms.

Shall I continue or do you know the rest of the story? A misunderstanding leads to a break between she and her love interest (played by John Cusack) in a scene where a blatant misunderstading goes unexplained even though all it would take to clear the air would be for Sarah to simply say- “Wait, let me explain.” But like so many formula movies that have gone before, those lines do not occur because he manages to leave before she can say them (do they really expect us to believe this crap?) and the scene fades to black.

In an ever so regurgitated “wrap-em-up” scene, we find Sarah racing around the city trying to find her former love to tell him she loved him all along with enough urgency with which to jump in a lake fully clothed (even though she has no reason to rush…he is not rowing his boat off to another lover, merely to sell his boat–a boat that we are never given the slightest notion she would care if he sold).

This movie is Sleepless in Seattle, My Best Friend’s Wedding, You Got Mail, and Notting Hill in that they have envoked the use of these elements are narrated amazingly under yesmovies supervision which resulted in generous collection on box office: a formerly unanimous love interest introduced via technology, a token gay man, a token well-meaning best friend, a fizzure in the relationship spurred over a misunderstanding, and everything wrapped up neatly in the end with the two misguided lovers ending up in each other’s arms. It is those movies except for one indisputable fact: It’s no good.

If you happen to fall into the same movie-going demographic as Betsy and I, you have probably seen, or are planning on seeing Must Love Dogs. But be prepared to laugh at the one-liners you already saw in the previews and only those and to walk out feeling as though you ate an overbaked chicken nugget when you were really in the mood for fast food though it may be, but at least a decent McChicken sandwhich.

Busting Common Facebook Advertisement Myths

Facebook advertising is one of the most popular and effective ways to establish your online presence as a business. There are various ways in which you can do effective Facebook marketing, you can Buy real Facebook likes at low price, or you can use tools to get all the analytics about your page.  However, there are several myths that are there regarding Facebook advertising. In this article, we are going to look at some of the common myths about marketing that everyone thinks are true. 

  • Over time Facebook has increased the limit of text that is there in an image. Earlier you were only allowed to insert 20% text in any image that you post as an advertisement. This rule has been adjusted by Facebook now as you get more text percentage in any image that you upload. Since most of the people are unaware of this face they are still sticking to the 20% text per image. 
  • As Facebook bought Instagram you now have the option of sharing all your posts on Instagram as well. Most people think that Instagram is for Millenials only but that is absolutely wrong. You will exponentially expand your target audience as you include Instagram in your marketing strategy. 
  • Another misconception that people have is that there you pay more for Facebook Ads as you get fewer results and relevance scores. However, your relevance score is completely another thing, if you are getting good results from your advertisements despite having low relevance score you should always continue with your campaign as in the end it is all about the likes and share that you get. 
  • Higher frequency is also considered bad for your page which is not true at all. The higher the frequency of your post on your target audience’s page the more easily you get more potential customers. 

  • Lastly, considering high CPM for your page a bad thing is not true as well. CPM is the “cost per mille” which is essentially the price you pay per 1000 interactions that you have for your page. 

These are some of the most common myths that you come across as you do Facebook advertisement. 

Schools Continue to Deal with Problems Brought on by Social Media

Any high school teacher or parent of a teen knows how prevalent cell phone use is among young people today. Want to see intensity and a fighting spirit among today’s youth? Try taking a kid’s phone away.

Increasingly, it would seem, the connection between the ubiquitous nature of cell phones and instant access to social media are causing problems for schools. The issue has to do with just how far the school can reach to control the actions of its students.Last week students at Granite City High School, an Illinois school in the St. Louis area, were suspended for comments made on Twitter and other social media platforms. The problem started when a student used Twitter to make a sexually suggestive comment about a female faculty member. Other students “re-tweeted” the comment, and things went downhill from there.

When alerted, school administration decided to comb cyberspace for other potentially troubling statements. The end result was multiple student suspensions, including one girl who stated she should “bomb the school” so she didn’t have to attend classes.Is it really a school’s business what its students post online, as long as they are doing so outside of school and using their own equipment? The prevailing sentiment is that it very much is the school’s business if the statements have the potential to cause disruption to the school’s normal learning environment.

I teach at another Illinois high school, and our school recently dealt with a similar issue. Last year our school was rocked by a student suicide. Just this month a freshman student thought it would be a good idea to post a terribly insensitive joke on his Facebook page that referred to the death. With things like free followers on instagram, social media has been becoming a threat to our society. At first, it may be an advantage but over time, it is becoming the opposite.

Normally I would come down on the side of free speech. If this student wanted to make this “joke,” however hurtful or ignorant it might be, he was acting at home outside school hours. The problem was that plenty of our other students, many of them friends of the boy who died, read the comment and were incensed by it. They brought that anger to school and wanted to act on it. That’s where the “disruption to the learning environment” comes in.

This incident was diffused when our principal brokered a meeting between the online poster and a student leader, who was able to convince his schoolmate just how hurtful and misguided his words were. An apology was offered and accepted.

In the case at my school no suspensions were issued, but how many hours did our principal spend trying to bring this to a satisfying ending? How many hours did the administrators at Granite City High School waste scouring the Internet looking for inappropriate comments? Is that how their bosses want them spending their time? Probably not, but in the current era of education these problems are going to happen more and more frequently.

I don’t know the answer to this relatively new problem. As a teacher I can only continue to caution my students that statements made online have enormous potential to cause harm, often because they can so easily be misconstrued and the writer cannot explain his or her true meaning.

Schools spend lots of time educating students that they should think long and hard before engaging in harmful actions like smoking, drinking or unsafe driving. We may have to start telling them that clicking “submit” on a cell phone can be just as dangerous.

Brad Boeker is a graduate of the University of Illinois. He teaches English at a public high school in Illinois.

Smart Tips On How To Reduce Your Taxes Efficiently

Reducing your taxes is actually possible through smart ways. No, this is not illegal methods for you to follow. Instead, these are practical steps which produce other fruitful results. But if you want to make sure, consult a reputable tax preparation Roseville CA services for advices about these steps.

Here’s how to reduce your Taxes Smartly today

  • Aim for as much tax-free income as possible. Think of exception for home sale, municipal bonds investment, health account contribution and even saving for your children’s college among other income.  This includes receiving employee benefits, as well as giving investments directly to your kids.
  • Next, aim for tax credits. These are dollar-per-dollar tax deductions from some acceptable expenses you do. Buying hybrid cars, installing home solar panels and usage of solar water heaters are few common options. Education tax credits and child care tax credits are available as well.
  • If you can’t pay tax now, do you know that you can actually pay it later? That’s deferring taxes of taxable income, so you’d have better leverage in paying it in the future. That’s basically enjoying a sort of loan from the government. And you can have it through employer bonus, investing in IRAs and investing in retirement accounts among other options.

  • Get the most out of tax deductions.  There are plenty of ways for you to enjoy tax deduction. When you sell a home, for example, you can itemize its mortgage interest rate and make it your deductible. Companies can deduct their business expenses as well, such as travel expenses, inventory as well as office or home office among other costs. There are deductions specifically for small enterprises as well.

These are only few of the best ways to reduce your tax efficiently. Optimize their use, so you’d enjoy lesser tax to pay. Also, consult tax experts for more choices.

2048- A Game Of Wits

When it comes to the most popular video games of all time, a few that dominate the list are super Mario, claw, contra, gi joe, to name a few. The list is so long that one article is not enough to cover all of them. 

This is enough to prove that video games continue to be popular among the masses even with the advent of social media, where everything is available on your smartphones. 

However, the one that has grabbed many eyeballs since its inception is 2048, which can be considered a game of wits, because it is going to be managed by artificial intelligence. 

It has been theorized by experts that artificial intelligence is going to dominate the world in the coming decade, which has already begun with the arrival of 2020. What social media was to 2010, artificial intelligence will be for 2020-2030. 

 What is 2048? 

As mentioned, it is a game of wits where you have to match the given tiles in a sequential manner depending on the numbers given and combine them to create an enormous number of tiles. 

The game is over when there are no moves left and the board is also full. Strategic planning is a prerequisite for to reach the tile containing 2048 and once you do so, you are deemed the winner, a little tougher than 2048 cupcakes. 

Also, you need to take care of certain things when playing 2048 on your mobile and they are as follows: 

  1. First of all you have to understand and analyze the board and plan your moves accordingly 
  2. Concentrate on the smaller tiles first so as to avoid complicated positions and then move on to the larger ones 
  3. Start from the corner and keep going in the same direction without coming in the middle and then combine others in a sequence 
  4. Whenever stuck up, slow down and work out a way with patience 

Guide to Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a great seaside water sport that requires only a moderate amount of swimming ability and clear waters. While there are organized boat trips for snorkeling, it really is the kind of activity that can be engaged in pretty much anywhere where the conditions are right. All that is really necessary are the aforementioned clear waters, a few pieces of gear, and some fish-attracting rocks. 


Snorkeling is a simple activity for anyone who knows how to swim. The idea is to swim around on the surface, using the dive mask and snorkel combination to peer down into the underwater world below. 

It is a technique that is practiced by swimmers around the world as it is their favorite pastime and a good start for beginners who are just learning the basics of swimming. This proves to be a nice experience for them to see into the depths from the surface and gives an idea of what lies at the bottom. All you have to do is to wear the  best snorkling mask so as to breathe freely.

This is often combined with skin diving. Skin divers snorkel on the surface until they see something under the surface of the water worth having a closer look at, and kick down to it using the added swimming power of the swim fins. A skin diver can easily spend a couple of minutes at a depth of 9 or 10 meters, and only needs to remember to exhale a little air from the nose to equalize the pressure in the dive mask (not doing so risks a bad case of “mask face” or even a rupture in the mask), and to pinch their nose and blow a little on it to equalize the pressure inside their heads. 

Snorkeling Kit 

The basic snorkeling kit consists of a pair of swim fins, a dive mask, and a snorkel. The snorkel allows a swimmer to look down and continue breathing while doing so. There are a variety of snorkel designs out there, from simple breathing tubes to fancy rigs with sumps, a purge valve, and a splash guard at the top. How far to go in cost and quality in choosing a snorkel kit is really just a matter of whether a snorkeler is also interested in scuba diving. If they might eventually go into diving, a snorkeler should get a high quality set. Otherwise, a cheap kit is all that is really necessary 

Cold water snorkeling, which means just about anywhere outside of the tropics, will require a wetsuit. 

Snorkelers who are not strong swimmers should also bring a snorkel vest. The main thing to think about with a snorkel vest is whether or not the snorkeler will also be skin diving. People who plan on doing this will want a real snorkel vest, which can be inflated or deflated at will, if they want a snorkel vest at all. Those who will stick strictly to the surface can make due with a the same kind of flotation vest used by boaters and jet skiers. 

Where to Snorkel 

Snorkeling is an activity that should be looked into whenever someone is at the beach. The four basic issues of a snorkeler are the roughness of the sea, currents, visibility and minimum depth. A place that is thoroughly unsafe for swimmers, such as one prone to riptides, is also unsafe for snorkelers. The swim fins will give a snorkeler a little leverage than an ordinary swimmer would not have, but they won’t overcome strong ocean forces. Rough seas with strong wave action will likely dash a snorkeler into the very rocks and corals he is trying to observe, and should be avoided. 

If depth is a low 5 meters, but the water has a murky visibility of 5 meters as well, it is a terrible place to snorkel because little if anything can be seen. Many scuba diving sites are good for snorkeling, but not all of them. Pinnacles and small rocky islands are great for snorkelers, because the waters are usually clear and the area’s perimeter is at a depth that snorkelers can see and skin dive in. 

A good rule of thumb is that a surfing beach area is going to be bad for snorkelers due to bad visibility, high currents, and a lot of waves. However, the reverse is also usually the case: a place that is unsuitable for surfing is often very good to snorkelers. 

Wildcat Snorkeling 

One of the great virtues of snorkeling is that it can be done in so many places and requires very little preparation. If one is on a beach and sees a rocky place a few hundred feet from shore, checking it out is as simple as asking about the local waters, strapping on the gear, and swimming out to it. Consulting with a local lifeguard, boaters, or fishermen is usually the best way to find out about local currents. Past that, wave action, water temperature, and visibility can be judged on site. 

Snorkeling enjoys two advantages over scuba diving. First is the lack cumbersome tanks. Snorkeling can be very liberating in a way that scuba diving is not. Imagine spending half an hour swimming alongside a slow moving sea turtle just a couple of meters below the surface: it’s the sort of thing a diver probably could not do, because of air limits and that their bubbles tend to scare turtles away. Second, there is no absolute need for a “buddy.” Snorkeling with others increases the safety margin, but a snorkeler’s life does not depend on complicated gear that might fail, and therefore they do not require a partner to back them up. 

Get Wet! 

Snorkeling is so simple and the equipment is so light that anyone going on a beach vacation and is even a moderately-capable swimmer should invest in a cheap kit and bring it with them. It adds a whole new dimension of water sports fun, is very family friendly, and can be done just about anywhere along a shoreline and on the cheap. 

The author is an experienced scuba diver, but continues to enjoy snorkeling for its simple virtues and ease of improvisation. 

Coupon Tips: Earlybird Doesn’t Always Catch the Worm

Coupons have made a huge comeback lately, causing mass hysteria online, clogging up bandwidth and causing more upgrades in Paypal memberships. Why do you ask? Because the value of a coupon is almost as good as hard-earned cash and the savings are endless.

Many companies offer clipping services for coupons. While paying cash for an actual coupon is illegal, it is not illegal to pay for the actual clipping of the coupons. It tends to lie in the gray area of the law. With the help of these coupons, you get deals with low prices on top products which is an efficient way to save money every time you go shopping. 

One such clipping service offers coupons at a fantastic rate. The catch you ask? In order for you to get this service at an astounding price, you must first purchase a membership. The site, early bird coupons, offers clipping services at a discount to its paid members. The membership was once $12.00 for a year’s worth of discounted clippings, upcoming coupon insert previews, and special programs. One such program is called S.O.A.R., where you are given a limited amount of coupons at pre-determined times of the week. In order to partake in this program, you have to be a paid member. The problem is, half of the time, you cannot access the site. There are no coupon purchasing limits on this site, so you can take anywhere from one to five hundred coupons if you have available funds.

However, getting onto the site is nothing short of a nightmare. The system appears to be over-loaded and the bandwidth exceeded at astounding rates. A simple email to the owner, Benja, will get you the same old reply of “it was not foreseeable and the site was not overloaded.” No other explanation is given. While not putting limits on her service is a great idea, many people are left upset and frustrated at the lack of getting what they paid for.

Recently, the membership price went up to $20.00 a year. That is quite a jump for the quality of customer service you are almost guaranteed to receive. Suddenly, a very large group of regular members had their accounts terminated. The reasoning behind the terminations, such as complaints on the services received, is ridiculous and juvenile at best. What are members paying for if they cannot use the site as their membership implies? With gas prices eating a hole in our budget, we expect to get what we pay for. We expect to be treated fairly and loyally.

While this particular clipping service has deteriorated in quality, many other services are available. Listed below are some of those sites worth visiting. The best part? None of them require a membership, they have great customer service, and shipping is incredibly fast. The whole point in using coupons is to save money, why not save money for free?

Has Twitter Made Us Better Business Writers?

As a junior analyst at JP Morgan (NYSE:JPM), I attended a mandatory writing workshop. I kept the instruction binder from the class and recently thumbed through it to find a copy of a 1976 Business Week article about business writing. The article’s conclusion, while unsurprising, still resonates: “The most common complaint of managers about … reports … is the conclusions of the writer are either buried or missing altogether.”1 

In some respects, social media applications like Twitter, with its unbending 140-character length limitation, have addressed the need for a more succinct writing style. Yet the Business Week article went on to mention “other sins” commonly committed by business writers, including “excessive wordiness, poor grammar and sentence structure, atrocious spelling and general confusion.” 

Some might argue that social media website users have collectively, if unwittingly, decided to abandon the rules of grammar, structure and spelling altogether, in order to achieve the goal of brevity. Perhaps, as an alternative explanation, the advent of social media has simply brought with it new standards of grammar and syntax. 

Whatever your view, Twitter seems to have spurred a brevity “arms race” among social media websites. The Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) Contributor Network limits article overviews to 255 characters and advises a 70-character limit for article titles.2 In April, blogging website directed its contributors to limit their headlines to 70 characters — a “semi-tweet” in length — lest they be truncated to meet that restriction.3 

While we are on the topic of twitter, it is important to mention its popular counterpart, instagram, which right now maybe for entertainment purposes, but has a far greater potential than simply posting pictures and videos. Given the speed at which it is overtaking facebook and twitter, it is better to grow your instagram profile, so as to enjoy the future benefits.

When I recently launched a business website with multiple social media links, Twitter’s brevity paradigm seemed like familiar territory. As a stock analyst, I had learned to shorten my research headlines to accommodate the length restrictions of financial news and research aggregators. The transition from using business acronyms and stock symbols, to tweeting with dollar-sign “cash tags,” was only a minor adjustment. 

Those research aggregator character limits sometimes seemed like an arbitrary imposition. However, they had the advantage of fitting the short attention spans of information-inundated portfolio managers who very quickly need to distill investment conclusions from stock research reports. 

Having recently spent more time on Twitter, I’ve come to appreciate that it’s not strictly a medium for communicating in acronym-laced shorthand. Some tweets are well-constructed fragments of ongoing conversations. They can seem opaque and bewildering when read out of context. However, tracing the evolution of a writer’s thoughts across multiple bite-sized tweets requires an attention span that exceeds 140 characters. 

Synergy Organic and Raw Kombucha – Healthy beverage for the digestive system

Have you tried kombucha yet? It is a healthful tea beverage that is enjoying a comeback. It has been around literally for thousands of years, and was once considered a “Tea of Immortality” among Chinese royalty. For many years, the only way consumers could obtain kombucha was through mail-ordering a culture themselves and brewing their own tea. While this is still a wonderful, available option, in recent years companies have gone national to sell this amazing product.

G.T. Dave began bottling and selling his homemade kombucha, under the name Synergy, in 1995, after his mother ‘s bout with breast cancer. Her health and well-being improved, possibly as a result of drinking kombucha. Though the Food and Drug Administration has yet to make any public claims to the health properties of the beverage, many people have reported increased energy and better digestion through drinking it. A healthy digestive system will have proper management for yeast balance. The supplements should be authorized through the food corporation of the country. 

I decided to give Synergy a try. I went to my local Wild Oats store, where there were several varieties of the beverage available for $2.99 a bottle. The nice thing about Synergy is that they make many flavors of the tea, which to the uninitiated palate can be more tasty. There is strawberry, ginger, grape, cranberry, ginger -blueberry, citrus, ginger-raspberry, guava, and original, to name a few. They come in lovely, colorful bottles with fun, hippie names.

My first choice was the flavor Trilogy. That is a mixture of organic kombucha, lemon juice, and raspberry. I found the first sip to be surprising. They are not very sweet, and have a bit of a vinegary taste, at first. I like the fizziness, and the drink felt good on my stomach. Since I suffer from occasional stomachaches, this was a definite plus.

So I liked it, but was not bowled over at first, but several of my friends encouraged me to keep drinking it. “Just drink one a day for a week, and see how much better you feel,” my friend Lauren said. So I did. I tried the fruity flavors as well as the spicy ones, and I’ve got to tell you, she was right!

The kombucha has helped give me more energy and pep. It has helped regulate my digestion, and even has helped perk me up in periods of “the blues”. How can a tea beverage do that, you ask? Well, from looking at the nutrition facts on the back of the bottle, G.T.’s Synergy contains a lot of good stuff. It has folate, vitamin B6, B12, and a host of other B vitamins. It has Amino Acids like L-Theanine, which a friend of mine compares to “an hour-long yoga class” in it’s effects on the psyche and body. It has billions of probiotic strains like lactobacillus, and electrolytes. I don’t want to make kombucha sound like a quack cure-all, but really, it has many things that are good, good, good for the human body!

Not only is Synergy great for digestion and mood, but it can rev up the metabolism in some people. It helps to detoxify the body, and can help to bring the body back into a more alkaline state. I found it to be very detoxifying. After I started drinking it regularly, for a few days I had more breakouts on my skin, but over the course of a few weeks, my complexion became smoother, and my hair more lustrous. I also have not been sick with colds, though many others have been around me, since I started drinking the beverage. It can help boost the immune system.

The taste at first was hard to get used to, since it has a fermented flavor and is not like soda pop, but now I have come to crave it. Many of my friends are the same way, also, and at work we try to have some on hand for those long days. It really keeps your strength up. I would recommend anyone interested to find out more info on kombucha, and to give Synergy a try. I have written a article myself that goes into more depth about the history of kombucha, which you can check out. Also, please see G.T. Dave’s Synergy site at . Best of health to you!

What to look while selecting the Electrical Service provider?

Our life completely depends on the electricity. In order to run essential resources like switches, outlets and lights properly then you will have to choose a genuine electricity provider. Breaker boxes are proven to be great that will surely able to control and measure the flow of electricity. This type of electrical panels will keep the home safe and secure. In order to reset the breaker then it is your responsibility to unplug some items and reset the breaker. If you want to handle the additional circuits then it is your responsibility to make a contact with certified and reputed electrician who will able to handle the complicated issues.

Nothing is better than Speedy Electrical Brisbane because they are providing the top-notch quality service. If you want to upgrade the electrical system then one has to consider best provider. Here I have recapitulated vital things regarding best electric service provider where you have glance.

  • Experience

If you are upgrading the complete electrical system then one will surely able to offer interior and exterior of the house. A proficient electrician will able to add essential outlets, security lights and variety of other things. All you need to invest a lot of money on the additional wiring. 

  • Certified and insurance

Choosing a electrician can be daunting task for a person. All you need to choose a genuine electrician for internal and home projects. In case, you are constructing a new house then one has to invest a lot of money in the wiring related task. There are plenty of best electricians are out there and user should opt for the best one.

Conclusive words

Finally, one must consider fully certified electrician who will able to complete essential tasks on a perfect time.