Benefits of Selecting a Friend to Be Your Child’s Daycare Provider

Headed back to work after maternity leave or an absence from the workforce? Looking to find the perfect daycare center, daycare provider, or babysitter for your infant, toddler, or preschooler? Have you had a friend offer to help you out and watch your child/children? Using a friend as a daycare provider or babysitter for your child can be a wonderful choice if the option is available.


If you have a friend willing to watch your child/children in your or their home, you are familiar both with the individual and the surroundings. I was able to select a friend whose parenting style was similar to my own and who I knew would love and care for my child as one of her own while I was at work. In fact, I was doubly blessed because I had two friends that I could have chosen between to do the job! Familiarity with the individual and the surroundings are not only a benefit to you, but also to your child. When mom or dad leave to go to work, it is wonderful to be able to leave your little one with someone that they know and in a place that they are familiar with.

More Individualized Care

By selecting a friend as a childcare provider, parents can select more individualized care for their child. The friend who watched my daughter when I returned to work for a few months had one son, a few months older than my daughter. I knew that the two children could play together, and that the group size was something that I was comfortable with. My friend tweaked her routine to include my daughter, and made adjustments based on her individual needs. This isn’t always possible in larger daycare settings.


Large daycare centers can’t always offer the flexibility that parents need. If a meeting runs late at work, and the daycare center closes at 6 pm, parents may find themselves scrambling around to find someone to pick up their child from childcare. However, a friend may be more willing and more able to help you out when these instances occur. Of course, don’t take advantage! However, selecting a friend as a childcare provider also offers them some flexibility, too. If they are headed out of town for the week, and provide you with notice in advance, they can still go. Together you can work out specifics of pay and time off. This flexibility benefits both parties.

Selecting a friend to be your child’s daycare provider can definitely be an excellent choice for parents returning to work, as well as for friends looking to supplement their income. Be sure to research laws and regulations in your state concerning licensing and requirements, if any. As you research your options before returning to work, hiring a friend to be your child’s daycare provider may be the solution for you!

Quite honestly, babysitting is considered enjoyable only if the baby is your own but looking after others’ babies is something that not everyone is pleased about and avoid going into this preschool newmarket.

Winning Poker Strategy: Play Bad Players

As poker has become more than a fad and reached global popularity, people have begun to realize that poker is not just a game of luck. They are starting to see the skill involved in becoming a winning poker player.

Whether it’s hand reading, calculating pot odds, or bluffing, there is a lot to think about in poker. However, one of the most important skills doesn’t get talked about enough. This is the skill of table selection. There are several skills that are quite important to learn as you get into the game of poker. It is really easy to polish those skills with the help of pussy888 apk. This is really easy use and is available for both android and iOS as well.

Table selection is simply the art of finding tables with bad players. People who value this skill highly realize that a huge percentage of the money made from playing poker is from capitalizing on other players’ mistakes. And tables filled with bad players will have more mistakes to capitalize on.

Hand Examples

Let’s look at two hand examples to prove my point. These examples comes from my local casino.

In the first example, I was playing $1/$2 no limit Texas holdem. I was on the button with about $100. Everyone folded to me. I looked down at my cards and found two black kings. I raised my premium hand to $10. The small blind raised me to $30. The big blind called the $30.

I pushed my remaining $90 in the middle. The small blind folded after much deliberation. Then, the big blind called my all-in with Jack-10 suited!

This was a huge mistake for him because he’s only winning 20% of the time against pocket kings.

Good players, if they were in his position, would have folded Jack-10 suited. However, since I was playing against a bad player, I earned an extra $98 from his mistakes.

In the second example, I was playing $4/$8 limit Texas holdem. I was in middle position. A bad player in early position called. Let’s call her Sue. The player to my right raised. I had Ace-King, so I 3-bet, or reraised. Everyone else folded except Sue and the original raiser. They both called.

The flop was perfect for my hand: Ace – King – 2.

They checked to me and I bet my top two pair. Sue called and the original raiser folded.

The turn was a 3. Sue checked, I bet, and she called.

The river was a 6. Again, Sue checked, I bet, and she called. She showed Ace-4 offsuit and I won the hand.

Good players, in Sue’s position, would have folded Ace-4 offsuit preflop. Because she was a bad player, I earned an extra $32.

Sit With Bad Players

My point is that too many good players don’t exercise good table selection. They often sit down at a table and don’t leave even though the table is filled with other good players. Instead, they should ask for a table change.

Bad players are your friends. Find them and play against them. Your poker bankroll will thank you.


5 Reasons Why Most People Choose A Designer Fireplace For Their Home

There are different types of fireplace designs that you can choose from, to make your home look cozy and attractive. Whether you look on the internet, home interior design brochures and etc.

There are thousands of ideas that you can follow but it’s hard to decide which one that suits your home décor.

Hiring someone to fulfill your desired fireplace design can solve all your problems. But you can always do it on your own by recreating the designer fireplace you have chosen and apply the design.

Below are the list of reasons why most people choose to follow designer fireplace over designing it on their own.

5 Reasons Why Most People Choose Designer Fireplace

  1. Well-Designed By Artist – There are many artist that has showed their designer fireplace which are really amazing and wanting you to apply it in your own home. These styles are well-planned and styled to make your home look cozy, elegant or playful.
  2. Thousands Of Creative Designs To Choose From – You can get a lot of options to choose from to make your fireplace wonderful, but it’s not that easy to apply it on your own which is why some people hire professionals to get it all done. Especially, if it requires renovation or improving to modern design.
  3. Quick & Easy Way To Change Design In Any Season – You definitely want to change your fireplace design from time to time. Especially during different season or occasion. Just one look at designer fireplace and you can easily get an idea of what style you can apply for the kind of season.
  4. Get An Idea Of How To Match & Decorate – You’ll be able to learn and get an idea of how to mix and match your decorations, leaving your fireplace look stylish.
  5. Be Confident with Your Fireplace – It’s easier to choose which you want to apply and you’ll be confident because you know that your fireplace design blends well with your interior design.

You can always choose a design to apply for your fireplace, but it’s totally different when you have a designer fireplace guide that can help you in selecting the items that you can use or match to your fireplace, to bring an incredible fireplace design for your home.

It doesn’t have to cost much to have a well-designed fireplace, the key is learning to mix and match the elements you already have at home.

What You Must Know About The Frightening Exploding Head Syndrome

Not many people have heard of exploding head syndrome. It sounds like a condition that would be as devastating as spontaneous combustion, but it is not deadly. However, it can be shocking and upsetting for those that experience what seems like a fireworks display in their head. It leaves the person confused and scared. My boyfriend recently began experiencing exploding head syndrome, and it was a shocking experience to say the least.

He haven’t experienced it before, after all. That’s despite of him needing to buy Modafinil in Australia to fix his sleeping problems. Hence, we’re both equally shocked when it took place.

Experiencing a Loud Bang and a Flash of Light

About ten minutes after my boyfriend went to bed, he heard a loud snap in his head. He said that it sounded like someone cracking a large piece of wood in half. At the exact same time, he saw a flash of white light. His eyes were closed, and the room was dark. He was terrified. He did not know if he had a stroke or something equally as serious. His heart began to race, and he did not want to move.

Just seconds after experiencing the loud snap and flash of light, I quickly entered the dark bedroom. Although I could not see him, he sat up in bed. He was even more startled than he was when experiencing what we now know was an episode of exploding head syndrome. Bursting into the room shortly thereafter brought on even more anxiety.

I asked him what was wrong, and he said that he was just a little spooked. I could not imagine what he was talking about since he does not believe in anything paranormal. He did not explain what happened until the following day. Come to find out, he was not experiencing anything paranormal. He was experiencing parasomnia.

Researching the Subject

The next day I decided to look up his strange symptoms and find out what happened. I was sure that it was something that others have experienced, and I found a wealth of information right away. Others experiencing exploding head syndrome described the sound as a bang or an explosion, but it was definitely the same thing. Some notice flashes of light, but others do not. The symptoms of exploding head syndrome are not always the same for everyone, but they all have one thing in common. They are very frightening.

Exploding head syndrome is rare, and the causes are not entirely clear. Research says that it can be attributed to stress, sleep disorders or problems with the inner ear. In my boyfriend’s case, exploding head syndrome was likely caused by aneustachian tube issue. He is hard of hearing because of nerve loss, and he uses nose spray every night. If he ends up experiencing exploding head syndrome again, at least he will know that it was not a stroke or something equally as serious.

Best Supplements For Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a type of sport that is played in a lot of nations. It has made its name to the national market too. And with the series of bodybuilding being so vast, the entire arena is being filled with the used of Supplements and their natural benefits that can be gained during usage.

Do they help?

Yes, Supplements can help you to gain the results and whatever you want to accomplish. Even though they are charged to take in small amounts, it is better that you have them to achieve the results faster.

Best Supplements that can be used

Here is the best type of Supplement which are used for bodybuilding.

  1. Beta-Alanine

One of the best supplement that is used for bodybuilding, it is incredibly crucial for you to have these if you are into sports or others. It reduces your fatigue and helps you to exercise for a more extended amount of time. They are perfect for you, especially if you are looking for something that can help you to gain the mass with the exercising leads.

  1. Branched-chain Amino Acids

Another supplement that you can use to gain weight or shred; is perfect since it contains three individual amino acids that are the Leucine, isoleucine, and valine. You can get these types of proteins from your regular poultry, but it is better that you get the refined version from the market which are sold in containers.

  1. HMB

These are known as the beta hydroxyl and beta methyl butyrate, and they are a type of molecule that can help you to produce amino acid Leucine. These are the beneficial source and forms of protein that you need to include in your diet. They can control your weight and help it to shred off.

These three sources of Supplements are extremely good for your health and especially if you are into the sport of bodybuilding. Even supplements like noopept powder can be perfect for boosting your metabolism and keeping your appetite under control.

Social Media Etiquette

Do you have one of those annoying friends on Facebook that sends you every invitation, request, and game possible? You know whom I’m talking about. The one who’s status is always negative, always complaining about something. Don’t you wish you could tell then to knock it off? Well, now you can, by sharing this article with them. When interacting with others online, ask yourself, “would I do this in real life? How would I interact with this person face to face?” If you need to buy Instagram likes click here. It is a really easy way to improve your Instagram stats. As you get more likes on your post you can even start earning money form that.

This usually gives a reality check as to how your behavior online should mimick your behavior offline. Here are my top 6 rules of etiquette for social media.

  1. Keep your status updates neutral or positive. No one wants to hear about your horrible day. My favorite quote is, “When you are complaining, you become a living, breathing ‘crap magnet.'” (Unknown) If you had that horrible of a day, call your best friend to vent, don’t put it out there for all of your friends and colleagues to see. It’s better to be positive!
  2. Only send invitations that are relevant. Nothing is more annoying when people send invitations for applications that you don’t have an interest in. Let’s face it. Everyone is busy. No one wants to waste time declining apps all day long. The rule of thumb is if the recipient won’t laugh at it or love playing it, don’t send it. If you’re on the receiving end, you can send them a polite message that while you appreciate being included, you don’t have time to play games online. If they don’t get the hint, you can go to your security settings and block certain apps, or block certain people from sending you apps.
  3. The one time rule. If you invite someone to become a fan, a supporter or to an event and they decline, do not send it again. If they didn’t join the first time, there is probably good reasoning for their decision. Leave the ball in their court to join or promote; otherwise you’re just going to annoy them.
  4. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see. That also goes for your parents, your boss, clients, co-workers, etc. Despite security settings improving over the years on Facebook, People are becoming more tech-savvy and can bypass some of these settings. Also remember that people may allow others to log into their account to see “hidden” things.
  5. Don’t post pictures or tag your friends in unflattering pics. Keeping in line with rule number 4, put yourself in your friends’ shoes. If you were her, would you want that picture posted? In addition, you don’t know who they are friends with, who their friends know in real life and don’t know what their security settings are. Play it safe, and only post appropriate pictures. Also, if a friend requests a picture to be taken down, kindly oblige no matter how fabulous you look.
  6. Don’t friend request people you don’t know. It’s always a good idea to play it safe online. Don’t friend request or accept friend requests from people you don’t really know in real life. Unfortunately, everyone needs to play it safe now a days and you don’t want to be labeled a creeper. If you wouldn’t share details of your life with a stranger, why would you friend request someone you don’t really know? If someone that “kind of” knows you, keeps requesting friendship but you don’t want to hurt their feelings by denying it, you can easily accept them but put them on a limited list. This allows you to control what they see on your page, and increases your safety.

Following these simple rules can help you and everyone around you have a more pleasant and positive experience on sites such as Facebook and Myspace.

Top Android Multiplayer Online games

Playing games on Android is trending as developers are working to make it easy and thrilling for the android phone player to play multiplayer online games. Many games are available on Play Store for the android users for free where they can create an account and can play multiplayer games online. This has given a boom to the gaming industry and the game lovers as they can play their favorite games wherever they want on their mobile phones. Few trending and popular online multiplayer games are listed below. Some companies regularly try to boost MMR.

PUBG Mobile

The developer of PUBG has given a great gift to PUBG lovers as they have introduced the games on android. It is one of the most played online multiplayer games and has made gamers addicted as they are spending an ample amount of time on their mobile while playing this game. For the newcomer, they are dropped on an island with other 99 players in real-time. The goal is to survive till last so that you can get Chicken Dinner.

DotA 2

Another popular game nowadays is DotA 2, where millions of players worldwide join the battlefield as one of the Dota Heroes. There is no limit on playing hours because there are lots to discover from the game. The game keeps on updating regularly, providing new features, heroes, gameplay, and much more added options to choose from. Every hero is given a fair playground to survive and stand out of the stream with the boost MMR option.

Asphalt 9 Legends

It is one of the most loved racing online games. The game is very much like the old one with new features and car options with improved graphics and new locations. The players from the world race to compete with each other to win the race and become the master of racing.

Console or Handheld: Which is Best to Buy for a Child?

Almost any parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle is fully aware that the majority of children enjoy receiving video games as gifts. Of course, before you can buy a video game for a child, somebody has to buy a system on which that child will play the video game. If it were the early 1980s, such a decision would be easy. At the time the only major systems capable of playing video games were personal computers and the Atari 2600. As of the 7th generation of video game consoles, there is significantly more choice in video game systems. Ignoring computers, cell phones, and iPads, there are three major consoles and two major handheld systems capable of playing video games.

Unless you are intimately familiar with the video game market, you probably don’t have the slightest clue about the advantages and disadvantages of any individual system. In fact, the only difference you are probably aware of is whether the system is a portable or not. Assuming you only intend to buy one system for a child, then you will have to decide whether to buy a console or a handheld.

This decision is actually quite a bit more meaningful than it seems at first glance. Unlike even one generation ago, handheld systems are actually quite powerful and rather expensive. According to, a new Sony PSP goes for $150 – $200 and a new Nintendo DSi costs around $150 – $160. Comparatively, a new Nintendo Wii costs $200 and a new Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim and Playstation 3 Slim both cost $300. Thus, the cheapest handheld is only about $50 cheaper than the cheapest console and the most expensive handheld is only $100 cheaper than the most expensive console.

This high cost is reflective of the high quality of the system. For example, the PSP has built in Wi-Fi and can download and play MP3s and full length movies. In addition, it has roughly the graphics, speed, and power of a PS2. The DSi may not be quite as powerful, but it has a built in digital camera and a library of roughly 1000 games. Handheld gaming is not just something to distract kids on long car rides anymore. Handheld systems have powerful hardware and serious games.

Part of your decision to on what system to purchase should be based on the age and maturity of the child you are buying for. As tempting as it is to buy a handheld system for a younger child, this is probably a poor decision. Younger children don’t have the maturity to quit playing when responsibilities or important situations occur. It is much easier to pull a child away from a console for other activities than it is to pull a child away from a handheld gaming system. There is simply greater potential for parental control when a child can’t simply put the gaming system in a pocket. So when choosing between these two systems, it is important to think of it as your gaming t shirts. Is it worth your money? Is it affordable? Is it a quality system? And most importantly, would you love to use it as always?

Besides maturity, age matters as well. Two of the three consoles primarily have games targeted for teens and adults. There isn’t much purpose to purchasing an Xbox 360 for an eight year old when the vast majority of games on it are rated at least T and often M. The exception here is that the Nintendo Wii mostly has games targeted towards children, family, and casual gamers.

Another important thing to keep in mind when choosing a console or a handheld is battery life. With the exception of the PS3, even the consoles use batteries in the controllers. But, the battery life of a controller is much higher than the battery life of a handheld system. Taking care of batteries is kind of like taking care of a pet. You need to constantly pay attention. In fact, the ability to care for a pet is a great standard for whether a child is ready to handle maintaining battery life. If the child cares for a pet diligently, a handheld is probably a safe choice. If not, you should definitely lean towards a console.

Finally, the simplest rule of thumb is to determine what games the child wants to play. This consideration may also include what games others in the house want to play. Super Mario Galaxy only exists as a game on the Nintendo Wii, so there is absolutely no purpose to buying a Sony PSP for a child that wants to play that game. Similarly, handheld systems are single player systems, so if three or four members of the family want to play the same games at once, a console is the optimal choice.

In general, very young children, up to about 9 years old are probably best with the Nintendo Wii. Since it is a console, adults can easily supervise game playing. For tween years and early teens, handheld systems are probably the best choice. Finally, late teens will be best with either the Xbox 360 or PS3 consoles. Obviously, each child is different and it is smart to get input from the child, even if you don’t follow it, before choosing a system.

Introduction To Commercial Roofing

The Commercial Roofing is much popular among commercial building owners and rising day by day. These are materials that are used to seal the roofs of the various commercial structures to protect them. These roofs are versatile as well as durable. Due to its lightweight, there is no need for costly maintenance.

Steel based roofing:

Conserving energy by reducing consumption is another benefit of Commercial Roofing. Steel is used as a material in manufacturing the Commercial Roofing. It is weather tight and with a warranty of approximately 30 years. If one prefers to have eco-friendly roofing he can save money by installing solar roofing. One can read more about Roofing Advisors in selecting the type of roof required.

Flat Roofing:

The popular commercial roofing today is the flat ones with options like TPO, EPDM and the PVC. This type of roofing is popular as they are economical to install, and they are also durable. The life span of this commercial roofing is 30 years or can be more if kept maintained. It is the best option for the earthquake-prone areas as the advantage is people under this roof has less chance of dying. Another advantage is that the wood can be reused after any calamity. While the concrete roof has to be rebuilt and the material cannot be reused.

Metal Roof

You also get the option of a metal roof, but the use of this type of roof is limited. You can see these types of roofs in trains and metro. The main advantage of these roofs is that it gets heated quickly and cools too rapidly. This is also used in trains and metro due to its durability and strength.

One has to keep all these points in mind and the purpose while constructing the roof. The planning should be precise and robust as the roof plays a vital role in any building.

Face Paints-Choose The Best

What is the most important thing that you want to have in life? What can be done to make people notice you? What are the factors that have to be kept in mind when it comes to maintaining your body which are essential for you to be good looking?

There can be varied answers to the aforementioned questions but if you see from the point of view of the youth brigade, of anytime, their reply would be that they want to look attractive and happening.

There were times when the most paramount goal in the minds of everyone was to complete studies, find a job that is financially feasible with long term benefits that can provide a good pension after retirement, marry and settle down in life.

Although looks too mattered to people even then, but they did not obsess over it day and night or, rather, you can say that they did not have time to take any notice of it with tension and stress during various parts of life.

In stark contrast, today’s youngsters are so into their looks and maintaining a good body that to call it obsession would be an understatement with face being the most important of all.

For such individuals, there are numerous face paints available that can make their face look attractive and noteworthy. But they need to find the best ones where you can find several companies claiming to be the best that it becomes all the more difficult to choose.

The technique of face painting is quite simple and easy where you just have to consult certain beauticians and experts in this field and face painting Singapore is considered the best by many.

Tips for face painting:

  • Prefer the best: Naturally, they may be expensive, but have proven to be cost effective.
  • Use sponge: The brush can prove to be too rough and harsh on the skin while sponge just softens it up.
  • Avoid it on the eyes: It can prove harmful due to the various chemical substances present in the paint.